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In-App Team Management

Manage All Your Ministry Groups within Proclaim

With in-app team management, you can create distinct groups for different areas of your church. Now, individual ministry groups can access their preferred media pieces, presentations, and songs.

No credit card required.

Teamwork without Too Much Work

Create a Proclaim team for the youth group, kids ministry, or any other groups that need to create presentations. With the new team tab on your Proclaim toolbar, it’s easier than ever to organize your ministries and empower your teams.

Make Home Base One Place

Send an invite, add a new member, and manage your team from one location. No bouncing between platforms to get—and keep—your volunteers in the know.

One Subscription, Multiple Teams

Create the teams your church needs without worrying about extra costs. No matter how many teams you need in Proclaim, you’ll only ever need one Proclaim On Air license.


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Manage Your Team Inside the App

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