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Bring Liveliness to Your Lyrics

Keep your congregation engaged in worship, not waiting for the next slide. With lyric animations, it’s easier than ever to follow along with any song.

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Plan, Present, Proclaim

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Get Pro-level Media without Hiring a New Staff Member

Build your presentation with an ever-growing library of motion backgrounds, still images, graphics, and more—without ever leaving Proclaim.

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Plan Services Together—from Anywhere

Program every step of your service without stepping foot in the tech booth with cloud access on unlimited Proclaim accounts.

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Light Up Your Lobby—and Any Other Room

Display announcements, Bible trivia, and more to inform your entire church with our free Digital Signage app on Fire TV Stick, Apple TV, or any web browser.

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“Turn in Your Bible” without Lifting a Finger

Spur-of-the-moment Scripture reference? Pull up an engaging, custom animation in a couple of clicks to turn to any verse in real time.

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Experience Simplicity without Sacrificing Capability

Quick Screens

Make Tweaks When You’re in a Pinch

Create a selection of Quick Screens that are always ready for showtime, so you can make last-minute adjustments in seconds.

Auto Populate Lyrics

Build Presentations That Practically Build Themselves

Auto-populate lyrics via the Hymnbase or your SongSelect by CCLI account, or add your lyrics directly through Proclaim.

Sync Sermons

Sync Your Services and Sermons—Seamlessly

Automate sermon workflows from the first steps of study to publishing your sermon online with Proclaim’s exclusive integration with the Logos Bible study platform.


Get Help from Here to Sunday

Call our team to get support from real people any day of the week—even Sundays. With Proclaim support, you get service that always keeps your Sunday mornings moving.

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Tech Specs

  • CCLI song reporting and Song Select
  • Multi-screen capabilities
  • Alpha keyed for broadcast quality keying
  • SDI and NDI support
  • MIDI in/out support
  • App for remote control
  • Digital signage outputs
  • Live streaming
  • Unlimited access and installs at no extra cost
  • Integration with Logos Bible study platform
  • Cloud-based collaboration
  • Seamless podcast recording and sharing
  • Automated sermon publishing

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does Proclaim work when not connected to the internet?

    Yes, Proclaim can run and present without an internet connection. Keep in mind, though, that some features will be affected if you use Proclaim without an internet connection.

  • How many computers can I install Proclaim on?

    You can download and install Proclaim on as many computers as you want, even on a free trial! That means you can have Proclaim on as many computers as you like, with as many users as you like, on Mac and PC. You can even run multiple presentations at the same time for your ministry.

  • What are the Proclaim system requirements?

    Proclaim is supported on both Mac and Windows, and its requirements are easily met by most computers. In general, we recommend at least 2 GB of RAM and a graphics card with at least 2 GB of dedicated memory.

  • How much does a Proclaim subscription cost?

    We offer both monthly and annual term subscriptions. You can review all of our plans and pricing options on our pricing page.

  • How can I change the account our Proclaim subscription is registered to?

    At this time, you'll need to contact support to make this kind of change. You can reach Faithlife Support at (888) 634-2038 or

  • Is there a one-time purchase version of Proclaim?

    Proclaim is only available as a subscription. You'll get unlimited support (weekends and holidays included), free improvements and updates, and access to the newest and coolest features.

  • Can I present in multiple languages using Proclaim?

    Yes, while the user interface is in English, you can add in text from many languages including Spanish, French, German, and more.

  • What is the Order of Service?

    The Order of Service is a breakdown of your presentation divided into four different sections: the Pre-service loop, Warm-Up, Service, and Post-service loop. Service items in each of these sections do different things depending on where they are in the service.

  • Can I import presentations from PowerPoint or Keynote?

    Yes, you can import content from PowerPoint and Keynote. Proclaim can't capture any transitions, though, and will override with whatever you have in the Presentation settings. If you're on a PC with Powerpoint installed and want to keep your transitions, you can transfer control to PowerPoint for your presentation.
    We also provide a workaround if the PowerPoint or Keynote files are not importing correctly.